The Abandoned Jewish Cemeteries

Pinhole images from Lodz, Warsaw, Krakow and Kazimierz Dolny

“Although I grew up in Warsaw, it was not until I was an adult, visiting from my home in New York, that visited the Okopowa Street Jewish Cemetery. In this cemetery, there are over 200,000 marked graves and mass graves for the victims of the ghetto and the Warsaw Uprising.
Since the Holocaust, there have been virtually no descendants of the dead to care for the graves. Many stones were removed by the Nazis to use as building materials or for paving roads. A small amount of restoration is underway, but acres and acres are sadly overgrown.
It is an indelibly haunting place, and my feelings there were best captured, for me, through my pinhole camera. In subsequent trips to Poland, I also photographed the vast cemetery in Lodz, the historic one in Krakow, and the small, rural one in Kazimierz Dolny.”

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